Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance provides permanent coverage with guaranteed level premiums and a guaranteed death benefit. All values related to a whole life insurance policy are usually determined at policy issue and generally cannot be altered after the fact or during the duration of the policy. This type of coverage is attractive for individuals who wish to have a plan that carries a constant price plus also build up a tax sheltered equity component.

Whole Life Insurance can be used it to pay final expenses, debts, and any owing estate taxes so more of it is easily transferred to the beneficiary. It can also build cash surrender values and provide a guaranteed death benefit, which is paid tax free to the named beneficiary.

Benefits of whole life insurance:

• Provide lifetime protection as long as you pay your premiums when due.
• Guaranteed premiums- what you pay in the first year is exactly what you'll pay for every year after.
• Guaranteed basic death benefit paid tax fee to the named beneficiary.