Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is the most flexible life insurance solution available, and combines permanent life insurance protection with a flexible portfolio of investment options. It also gives you the flexibility to change the level, frequency and duration of deposits as your needs change. The amount of insurance can be constant, increased, subject to medical evidence or reduced as needed. Clients can simply deposit
enough to cover the insurance costs or deposit excess monies that can be invested into many options of their choosing. There is no requirement that clients must continue the excess deposits. They can suspend, reduce or cease the excess deposits as they see fit. One of the very attractive features of Universal Life is that monies invested grow tax sheltered within the plan, allowing for rapid and substantial cash buildups. This allows for many creative opportunities for clients and their advisers to build up supplemental retirement income streams with highly preferred tax treatment on the payouts.

Universal Life Insurance is made up of two parts, both under the direction of the client: an insurance component and an investment component.

Benefits of universal life insurance:

• Powerful tool in estate preservation, leveraging, buy-sell agreements, charitable giving and pension maximization
• Coverage that can adapt as your life changes
• Tax-advantaged growth on your savings
• Easy access to cash within your policy
• Convenient payment options
• Maximum protection for your estate
• Permanent financial protection
• Investment values earned within the plan are returned in addition to the insurance amount as a tax-free death benefit